Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Thriving on stress or drowning in it?

In this day and age with information and technology overload and the pace of life seeming to speed up more and more, its difficult to know when stress levels are becoming too high and effecting our health.

A certain amount of stress is good for you and at times stress can help with overall performance.

Some individuals appear to thrive on stress.

However, we all need to know our individual limits to how much stress we can handle before it starts to undermine our health and wellbeing.

Some simple test are now available that help monitor where you are with stress levels and give clear indications as to how cortisol is effecting your health.

However, knowing that you are overloaded with stress is only half the picture.

Once stress is becoming a negative you then need to learn simple yet powerful techniques to support yourself and avoid long term effects.

At Health Matters 360 we work with individuals and organisations to minimise and/or transform the effects of stress through physical, nutritional and positive mind matters to ensure that you can create a positive life in balance.

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